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Healthcare & Biological Sciences Research Association (HBSRA)

Task Force Health Care, together with RVO, the Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm and the Regional Business Envoy for the Nordic and Baltic countries, will organise a Netherlands Lounge at Vitalis, Scandinavia’s largest eHealth event, in Gothenburg from 25 to 27 August 2020.

Background Nordic healthcare sector
While this Netherlands Lounge is taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden, those participating will come into contact with organisations active throughout the Nordics.

The Nordics is comprised of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The healthcare systems in the Nordics have been ranked as some of the best in the world. Similar to the Netherlands, the main challenges for Nordic health systems are ageing populations, unhealthy lifestyles and increasing costs of the health system. Unlike the Netherlands, however, these countries also struggle with a highly dispersed population, with a total of 27.4 million people spread out over an area of 3.4 million km2 (population density of 7.6 people per km2).

As with other publicly financed comprehensive health systems, the Nordics are looking for solutions that increase access to care, such as remote care (especially for healthcare provision in rural areas) and the reduction of waiting times, as well as improving healthy ageing, and improving quality of care while containing healthcare expenditure.

Market studies Norway, Sweden & Denmark
Would you like to know more about your opportunities in the healthcare sectors in the Nordics? Download the latest market studies carried out for Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. These reports were prepared by Task Force Health Care (TFHC) and ACCESS Health International for the Regional Economic Envoy for the Nordic and Baltic Countries on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. These reports highlight priorities, opportunities and challenges in each of these healthcare markets.

What can you expect?
You can expect the following program components during this mission:

(Please note that below items may be subject to change)

Showcasing your solution/knowledge at the Netherlands Lounge during the Vitalis eHealth event
Collective visits to relevant LSH stakeholders in Gothenburg, Sweden, such as local hospitals and health authorities
Individual matchmaking (organized by the Enterprise Europe Network)
Pitch your company/solution during the Dutch Health Pitch Event, taking place at the Vitalis
Knowledge sharing and possible cooperation with participants within the Dutch LSH delegation
Specific ideas for the follow-up of this mission, including the presentation of upcoming events and initiatives in the region
Presence and support from the Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm, RVO, the Regional Business Envoy for the Nordic countries and the Task Force Health Care
The attendance of the Vitalis eHealth event will provide you with the opportunity to come into contact with decision-makers and business developers in healthcare, project managers, care administrators, researchers, clinical staff, care managers, politicians and buyers active in the Nordic countries.

Is this visit relevant for you?
The health mission is relevant for Dutch companies and knowledge institutes active in the LSH sector who want to explore, enter or strengthen current activities in the Nordic healthcare sector. In particular, those in the following fields:

eHealth and Digital Health Solutions: products and services within the domains of information & communication technologies that contribute to efficiency, effectiveness and digitalization of the healthcare sector
Mobility & Vitality: smart products and services in the field of prevention, rehabilitation, elderly care and home care
Medical Devices and Appliances: smart products, devices, disposables and equipment within the healthcare sector

Aanmelden Nieuwsbrief

* Zo kunt u het laatste nieuws ontvangen


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